cocktail dresses uk online via sheridan french

A celebration of style and substance

Over the weekend, i came across a photo of a gorgeous tunic on prepfection.Marveling at the eyecatching fabric, it suddenly hit me that i knew the young woman clad in the vibrant blouse.

Sheridan french is the talented, fort worthbased designer behind the luxury brand of women resort fashion and accessories by the same name.To me, she my older twin sisters bubbly childhood friend from summer camp, but now, she is an acclaimed designer garnering some serious attention for her bohemian chic designs. (Don miss the below mention in april traditional home! )

Made from handwoven, fine fabrics from the island of bali, the pieces exude a level of richness and originality that only comes with such intricate detailing.Best of all, you can feel merry about your purchases because sheridan ensures fair trade and strict nochild labor practices in the construction of all of her articles.Radiating with substance and style, sheridan french is a true celebration of the finest in fashion and home design.

For even more lifestyle goodness, check out sheridan's refreshing blog the southern eclectic and her how i wore it section for clever fashion tips!

Traditional home cocktail dresses uk online via sheridan french

I finally making the switch to reusable grocery bags with these stylish, machine washable bags from baggu.After searching through numerous options, i felt that baggu seemed like the best overall choice with its cute and colorful designs, more reasonable prices(Many independent designers were asking $20 for a single bag), and durable construction(Holds 50 pounds/23 plastic grocery bags;Made from ripstop nylon).

Check out the cute selections, here.I would love to hear your favorite reusable brands and diy ideas under comments.Let's celebrate the earth through small solutions to keep it beautiful!

Sailor stripe electric poppy via baggu

Blue and white beddinggreen and white cakelifetime of lovebow tie party ideastylish pingpong bar cartcanoe ice chestdecorating quotematchbook girl booklisti feel dumbfounded by the fact that it has already been one year since i took a leap of faith and launched merriment.What an adventure it has been!In all honesty, i created merriment more out of a sense of desperation than a genuine act of faith.During my alltime low, i started this blog as a way to come up for air from my hopelessness and find the positive amidst my disorienting circumstances.My birthday wish for merriment is wingsonlin that you will find even just one kernel of truth and hope beneath its seemingly frilly content.Embrace the substance in the small things and celebrate where you are in life at this moment, even if you know that you want a change in the future.

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Abc alhlantshit article directory Fashion

Abc alhlantshit article directory

Fashion is the most changeable thing and at the same time it is the most regular.Every year brings us new fashion trends, but every decade brings back the trends of the previous years and makes them popular again.Fashion photography covers the fashion world and all the changes that take place in it.When you browse the portfolios of the most famous photographers you can observe the chronology of design trends and find out their peculiar features.On the other hand, the works of some wellknown photographers influence the design trends in the sphere of world fashion greatly.The style of each famous photographer is unique and can't be mixed up with anyone's else style.This post features the most effective and wellknown fashion photographers of all times(From my point of view)And some of their works.Of course, you can argue the choice and the list of photographers, but in any case all of them are undoubtedly great.

Mario testino is such an iconic and legendary photographer by now that it's hard to believe he grew up wanting to be a priest, or that he dyed his hair pink to get noticed when he did realize he wanted to be a photographer.He's shot an overwhelming number of celebrities and cultural icons, from diana, the princess of wales to emma watson, cameron diaz, gwyneth paltrow, julia roberts, kristen stewart, gisele b and lady gaga.He and stylist carine roitfeld are credited with reviving gucci ralph lauren denim in the mid90s with their groundbreaking, provocative ad campaigns.He's continued to shoot for nearly every magazine, in addition to burberry, gucci, versace, calvin klein, dolce gabbana, salvatore ferragamo, estee launder, michael kors, and more.He continues to receive royal commissions, and in 2002 had a massively successful show at the national portrait gallery in london titled portraits, which went on to tour in other cities internationally.

Bruce weber is legendary.He's shot some of the most iconic calvin klein, ralph lauren, abercrombie fitch, and versace ads to have ever been made, and continues to shoot for vogue, gq, vanity fair, elle, and interview.He got his start at gq in the late 70s, but received widespread recognition for his calvin klein ads in the late 80s and early 90s for his inyourface black and white images of both heterosexual and homosexual couples.He has also collaborated extensively with ralph lauren and http://www.herbalonlinestore.com/france-polo-ralph-lauren-femme-vendre.html done music videos for the pet shop boys.

Patrick demarchelier's career began to take off in the early 90s, when elle, marie claire, 20 ans magazine, vogue, and harper's bazaar took notice of his immense talent.He solidified a 12year collaboration with harper's bazaar, has shot covers for nearly every major fashion magazine, and did iconic ad campaigns for dior, louis vuitton, celine, tag heuer, chanel, yves saint laurent, lacoste, calvin klein and ralph lauren.In 2005, he was awarded the contract for the pirelli calendar.He continues to be a force in fashion photography and has interestingly been referenced in the devil wears prada, sex and the city, and america's next top model.

John rankin waddell, who goes by the name, rankin, has had an immense photography career so far, of which fashion is just the tip of the iceberg.He, along with his partner, jefferson hack, started dazed confused magazine, and since, he's also started another, another man, and hunger all magazines that champion topnotch photography and art direction.His work for numerous other publications quickly became fine art exhibitions, ad campaigns, documentaries, and music videos, and he's found brilliant ways to connect his work with philanthropic efforts.In short, rankin's influence as a fashion photographer has launched the careers of others to unexpectedly incredible proportions.

Juergen teller's raw, overexposed style has made his work unmistakable.He tends to include himself in his photographs in 2005, he photographed himself with cindy sherman for a marc jacobs ad.Teller also has close collaborative relationships with helmut lang, yves saint laurent, vivienne westwood, and c he has shown in a multitude of group and individual exhibitions, including at the metropolitan museum of art, the museum of modern art, and the venice biennale.In 2008, he and marc released the book juergen teller:Marc jacobs advertising 19972008, which quickly sold out via preorder.

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